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Which backing and needle to use for your embroidery job.

How to choose the right backing and needle for embroidery. Our customers are often ask for advice on picking embroidery needles and backing for various jobs. We find that most jobs fall under just a handful of categories, the cart below will help to identify those so you can pick the right tools for the job.

10 Reasons to Start an Embroidery Business

10 Good Reasons to Start an Embroidery Business at Home  Updated July 2015 The embroidery business is possibly the best home based business to start. If you are interested in starting a REAL work from home business that takes advantage of your creativity and doesn’t require you to be a website genius, then the starting

6 Simple Ways to Increase Embroidery Sales

Easy ways you can increase embroidery sales without being a salesperson. Have you considered how you can increase your embroidery sales? You’ve worked hard to get your customers, but are you offering them everything you can? Are they getting everything they want? Just because they didn’t ask for something, doesn’t mean they don’t want it.

Single Head Embroidery Machine Comparison

SWF Embroidery Machines have 2 single head embroidery machine models to choose from + Introducing the New Avance 1501C! Single head embroidery machines are the best embroidery machine types for start ups and small shops. Single head embroidery machines come in general types, 6 needle and 15 needle machines, but the 15 needle is usually