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6 Simple Ways to Increase Embroidery Sales

Easy ways you can increase embroidery sales without being a salesperson. Have you considered how you can increase your embroidery sales? You’ve worked hard to get your customers, but are you offering them everything you can? Are they getting everything they want? Just because they didn’t ask for something, doesn’t mean they don’t want it.

Going Mobile: Take Embroidery Business on the Road

Why wait for customers to come to you?  You can bring your embroidery business to them! With a little planning and the SWF 1501-C compact Embroidery Machine you can make profits almost anywhere! Sometimes, an embroidery business can’t wait for customers to come to them. They take their business to where the customers are! Many

Embroidery Business Tip: Make Stock Designs Your Own!

Is your embroidery business looking for immediate results that customers will love? A shop that offers stunning designs and excellent customer service will have clients doing business with you repeatedly. There will be times when a customer will come to your embroidery business with only a concept and no artwork to show what they genuinely

Durkee Hoop Tips for Commercial Embroidery

Commercial embroidery is not only one art form; it is a collection of art forms! It may not be the most glamorous creative skill, but the most important talent for commercial embroidery is good hooping. Commercial embroidery is not just a single art from, but it is a group of several creative skills and talents.

Commercial Embroidery 911: When Mistakes Happen!

In commercial embroidery, it seems Murphy’s Law is always in effect—if something can go wrong, it probably will! Using these solution to a few of the most common problems, you can keep production (and your business) running smoothly! It’s a simple fact. In commercial embroidery, mistakes will occur occasionally. Problems always seem to happen only at

12 Questions for Hiring the Right Embroidery Digitizer

Deciding to hire an embroidery digitizer for your shop is easy, finding the perfect person to represent the quality of your shop is difficult. There are at least 12 important questions to ask a candidate, from experience and basics to artistic and business issues. After years of struggling to digitize artwork properly for your embroidery

Choosing the Right Embroidery Thread Colors

Choosing the right color of embroidery thread can make or break a design, so choose wisely! There are scientific (and not so scientific) ways to select colors that go well in a design. How to choose embroidery thread colors that go well with each other. An important decision in commercial embroidery is choosing appropriate embroidery